Lights Out for Dark-Sky Week

  Five Ways to Celebrate Dark Sky Week! The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is a great resource and orientation for the week that starts with Earth Day (April 22) and ends with the spring new moon (April 28). However you choose to spend the week—whether only using the lights you really need,... Read more

Sea Level Rise – How Vulnerable is Marin?

Have you noticed higher tides? For several years, Marin County staff have been developing an assessment of what is vulnerable to sea level rise along our bay shoreline. To learn more, Supervisor Kate Sears invites us to a meeting on Tuesday, April 25 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the... Read more

Invasive Sea Lavender Threatens Our Shores

  The Marin Audubon Invasive Sea Lavender Removal Project welcomes volunteers. To RSVP for a Sunday work session, please email Jude Stalker. You will receive notice of the date and location of any upcoming work sessions. All gloves, tools, supplies, snacks and instruction will be provided. This is the story of a plant that snuck... Read more

Free E-waste Recycling – Saturday January 21

Organized by the Sausalito Sustainability Commission and Bay Cities Refuse Services, this is Sausalito’s 7th annual e-waste collection event. Last year 3,905 pounds of e-waste were recycled and, since this collection became an annual event, more than 25 tons of e-waste have been kept out of landfill. That’s impressive. The... Read more

MMWD Water Restrictions No Longer In Effect

  What do we do with the news that the Marin Municipal Water Department (MMWD) water restrictions we’ve adhered to for the last few years are no longer in effect? California is heading into a fourth year of drought – with La Niña and the prospect of a dry winter... Read more

Irrigation: Not Simply a Question of On & Off

This is the second of two posts on water usage. The first is a reminder of the Marin Municipal Water Department (MMWD) water regulations currently in effect, and a look at the new generation of smart irrigation controllers: How Smart is Smart Phone-Controlled Irrigation? This post points to MMWD tools and tips to help us be water... Read more

A Drop in the Bucket

  A while back the Environmental Committee discussed how our community could be better informed about our water usage, and if knowing how much water we use would affect our choices. Could immediately available feedback exert a positive effect on our behavior? Individual water metering turned out to be prohibitively... Read more