Watering: It’s that Time of Year Again

From the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD):

 It’s that time of year:

With the recent warmer and drier weather, many gardeners are turning on their irrigation systems. It’s common for irrigation systems to suffer some damage over the winter, so be sure to check that your system is functioning properly and make any needed repairs.

Quick Irrigation Check-up

Haven’t given your irrigation system a check-up yet? As you turn on your system, take the time to walk around each plant and check for these common problems:

  • Do sprinklers overspray onto the dock, or deck, or into the Bay? If so, adjust spray pattern, relocate sprinkler heads or change spray nozzles.
  • Are spray patterns blocked? Trim back vegetation or reposition sprinkler heads as needed to increase uniformity of application.
  • Do you have broken sprinkler heads? Replace as soon as possible or install a temporary cap.
  • Are any drip emitters missing or blocked, or is any drip tubing damaged?

A handy resource: irrigation schedule reminders

Many people turn on their irrigation systems full tilt as soon as the rainy season ends. But over the course of the summer, your plants’ water needs will vary a lot depending on weather conditions, day length, and other factors. By adjusting your irrigation schedule weekly to give your plants just what they need, you’ll save water and money while maintaining a healthy garden.

The Weekly Watering Schedule is a guide calculated to replenish the soil moisture lost last week. It is not a forecast; if unseasonably hot or wet weather is expected, please adjust if needed for your container gardening needs. To learn more about the Weekly Watering Schedule and how to use it in for your plants, visit: marinwater.org/watering.

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photos of Issaquah by Jen Gennari and repost (adapted) by Jenny Stein,
co-chairs of the environmental committee

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