Gate 6 | Bridgeway Intersection Construction Scheduled for 2019

The driver turning right barely stops in time as a young bike rider crosses
Bicyclists converge as they head south and north, and west to Marin City
A driver turning right onto Gate 6 Road has to be alert to bike riders lining up to cross
A map of the intersection area  |  photos and post by Jen Gennari

The fix for the confluence of 101, Bridgeway, the bike path, and Gate 6 Road has been delayed again. Originally promised to begin in summer 2017, the construction to improve safety for everyone—people walking, biking, and driving—at the dangerous intersection of Bridgeway and Gate 6 Road is now scheduled to take place in the summer and fall of 2019.

The work was delayed while the City of Sausalito sought additional funding for the project beyond the state and local grants already secured. Thanks to a new federal grant awarded by the Transportation Authority of Marin, the City will have sufficient funding to move forward with the project in 2019.

Why is this important? The intersection is unsafe, as Issaquah resident Mickey Allison knows. “Returning from Marin City by bicycle about five years ago, the pedestrian light came on, and a car didn’t stop. Fortunately, I hadn’t moved forward so only my front wheel was hit by the car, knocking my old bike out of my hands,” says Mickey, a frequent Marin City Library patron. “Now, if I’m walking, pushing my granddaughter in her stroller, or biking, I wear bright colors and wave my arms to get the attention of drivers turning right.” She added, “Only if they acknowledge me do I feel safe enough to cross.”

The proposed improvements were approved, with feedback from the community, by the City Council in 2016. The plans will add bicycle detection sensors so that southbound cyclists approaching the intersection via the Sausalito-Mill Valley Multi-Use Path can activate a green light from the path to safely cross diagonally over to the southbound lane of Bridgeway. The project also includes paving and new lane configurations, a redesign of the path approach from Mike’s Bikes, and curb ramp improvements on all three sides.

Any questions about the project may be directed to Public Works Project Manager Jill Barnes at While we wait another year, please be safe and kind to everyone using this right of way.

VIEW the complete set of project drawings—CLICK HERE.

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