Dozens Clean Up Shoreline

Coastal Cleanup Captain Jen Gennari welcomes volunteers | photos by Larry Clinton and Jen Gennari
Jane Clinton gets down and dirty
John Schlag in tall boots gets trash pressed up against the 101 fence
Lander Duncan, one of several students from Tilden Prep who joined us, unsuccessfully tries to pull a tire stuck in the muck near Gate 6 1/2
Michelle Lawson and Jon Sibaila keep records of their hauls
Rusty Hendley picks up trash as Tony Williams monitors
Katie and John Balestreri show off the bike wheel they found
Volunteers were rewarded with a barbecue lunch at the Bay Model

On a sunny, windy Saturday, 26 volunteers came out to pick up trash as part of California’s Coastal Cleanup Day. This year, floating home residents were joined in the effort by locals who enjoy the one-mile stretch of the multi-use path near our community.

Despite the observation that the shoreline from West Pier to Commodore seemed cleaner than last year, the group picked up an estimated 104 pounds of trash. The most common items found were cigarette butts, bits of foam and glass, and plastic pieces. The most unusual items included a hairbrush, a bungie cord, one flip flop, one golf ball, a bicycle wheel, and 13 cents! Two tires remain submerged near Gate 6 1/2 and near the marsh that extends out from the bike path before Commodore.

Thank you to all the participants in the 2018 Coastal Cleanup! Although this event happens once a year, the FHA environmental committee is grateful to the many residents who pick up trash year-round. It is a great way for expressing our gratitude to live in this beautiful place.