Sausalito People: Remembering Evan Connell

DATE: Friday April 15 TIME: 7:00 p.m. LOCATION: Sausalito Library ADMISSION: free Friends of Evan Connell will share memories of the Sausalito author and editor at the Sausalito Library—Friday, April 15—7:00 p.m. Connell is best known for the two novels “Mrs. Bridge” and “Mr. Bridge,” considered among the finest of... Read more

Call for Homes & Volunteers for Floating Homes Tour

Thanks to homeowners Patrick Hughes, Mike Faith and Daren and Aurelia Joy of Liberty Dock; Rusty Hendley and Tony Williams of Main; and Donna Bragg and Joe Tate, Hillair Bell and Michael Sheats, plus Louise and Tom Simpson on South 40, we already have six of the 10 homes that will... Read more

East Pier Floating Home Sells for $12 Mil

The recent sale of N°36 East Pier to the Seal Once / New Image Coatings Company took everyone by surprise, not least the former owners Tom Johnson and Jenny Stein. When Tom and Jenny were first approached about selling, Hank Croteau (inventor and developer of Seal Once, Seal Ends Once... Read more

Issy – Recovering at The Marine Mammal Center

Issy is becoming more stable at the moment but is still too young and ill to eat food on his own. It typically takes 2-4 months for harbor seals to be healthy enough for release given their extremely young age and fragile state. Issy was also born prematurely (identified because... Read more

Dock Budgets for Composting

To encourage composting, the FHA board has agreed to set up a budget of $5 per household—per year—for each dock. We hope this marina-wide program—benefitting all residents—will increase awareness. As more people compost we will divert more waste away from our landfills, and improve the quality of our planet as... Read more

Larry Moyer – Remembering the Raconteur

  The Closing Act at the Sausalito Women’s Club THE PERFECT HIGH by Shel Silverstein – Part 1 from Leroy Dong on YouTube – bringing down the house – THE PERFECT HIGH by Shel Silverstein – Part 2 from Leroy Dong on YouTube Jeff Greenwald— who interviewed Larry for a piece he wrote... Read more

FHA Board Meeting Notes – Feb 8, 2016

TO KEEP EVERYONE UP TO DATE ON WHAT THE FHA BOARD HAS BEEN DOING, HERE’S A BULLET LIST OF THE IMPORTANT AND INTERESTING THINGS THAT HAPPENED AT THE february 8, 2016 BOARD MEETINGS: Issaquah Dock was applauded for the number of renewals that have come through recently. All Dock Reps were given current reports so... Read more

First Wednesday: Where’s Waldo? | April 6

DATE: 4/6/2016 TIME: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM COST: Free LOCATION: Creekside Room Mill Valley Public Library 375 Throckmorton Avenue Mill Valley, California 94941 Join Larry Clinton, past President of the Sausalito Historical Society, and Mike Moyle, SHS member and Chair of the IDESST Sausalito Portuguese Cultural Center History Committee,... Read more

Issaquah Dock Heroes Rescue Harbor Seal Pup

Post by Mari Steeno  |  video by John of Issaquah On Wednesday, March 16, Mark Lawrence and Kimberly Wright were relaxing at their home when they heard the cries of an animal they did not recognize. As they went across the dock to #68 Issaquah, they discovered a distressed young... Read more

The History of Caledonia Street in 3 Parts: April 1 & 2

– free admission – Sausalito People – The History of Caledonia Street: Golfers, Gangsters and Garages Friday April 1 7:00 p.m. Evening Lecture inside the Sausalito Library, followed by a Reception upstairs at the Sausalito Historical Society (SHS) Saturday April 2 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Walking Tour along the entire... Read more