Board Meeting Notes – Mar 2021

Self-guided defibrillator in Disaster Response trailer  |  photo by Michael Lewis  |  post by Larry Clinton


  • Treasurer Teddie Hathaway reported that income exceeded expenses in February by $1,831.89, due to a membership surge around the Annual Meeting.
  • A discussion was held about damage to cars in the parking lots. Several people have had catalytic converters stolen. While we would like security cameras in the parking lots, no marina is willing to provide them. After her converter was stolen, Carole Angermeir asked the sheriff to patrol the lots more. They did.
  • South Forty dock rep Michael van Walt reported on a study group that is examining leases from various marinas. Six people are in the group, two are attorneys. They have met and collected leases from WPH, Kappas and Yellow Ferry, and would like to see others; personal and financial information can be redacted. Some Waldo Point leases say security deposits will be returned upon request, but many people don’t think to ask for them.
  • The hull study group will meet soon. Anyone interested in being in a group should let Michael know.
  • Pete Hudson announced that new batteries for the three FHA defibrillators have been purchased and will be here March 14. There will be two in the Disaster Response trailer on Gate 6 Road and one on Liberty Dock.
  • Membership co-chairs Lisa McNelley and Jill Sherman reported that about 140 people attended the Annual Meeting. The panel on hull maintenance and repair drew favorable feedback, so a speaker series will be put together as a follow up.
  • Larry Clinton shared a proposal for a virtual tour. He met with a consultant who put a budget together with projected expenses under $10,000—far less than the cost of live Open Homes tours. The proposal was accepted unanimously. Six homes will be videotaped, and there will be several fundraising activities. More details will be published in the Floating Times.
  • Julie Durbin of Kappas West will co-chair with Larry. Julie also recommended that we offer guided walking tours on the docks as private tours until all pandemic restrictions are lifted.
  • Larry Clinton noted that our new county supervisor, Stephanie Moulton-Peters, and her aides have subscribed to the FT weekly alerts, and said they wished they’d been at the annual meeting. Jen Gennari is trying to help some people are not getting the weekly FT email alerts, even though they are subscribed.
  • Lisa McNelley and Jill Sherman are working with Jim Rettew to automatically notify people when memberships are about to expire. They are exploring presenting panel discussions every other month with guest speakers and Q&A sessions. Floating home insurance and financing, renter’s insurance and do-it-yourself repairs are possible topics.
  • The Board agreed that more than one logo could be utilized on FHA-branded merchandise, which will be offered on the new website. A request will be made for artists in the community to submit new design concepts to accompany our current logo, inspired by the Owl on South Forty.
  • Emergency Preparedness Chair Flo Hoylman is planning a virtual CERT training program with one day of live practice. This will be announced in the Floating Times. Anyone interested should contact Flo.
  • Liberty dock rep Jim Rettew is working on how the website connects to news, stores, membership, etc. There are important links on the Resources page. Some portions of the site will be restricted to FHA members. The website should be up in a month or so and will always be a work in progress.  Jim welcomes photos and content suggestions for the site.
  • New Environmental chair Doug Young reported that there is only one 2-unit EV charging station in front of Main Dock. There is demand in the community for more stations, but the marinas have not expressed any interest in adding them. Doug will continue investigating charging stations.