Virtual Floating Homes Tour This June

No lines on the docks this year  |  photo by Cynthia Greenberg  |  post by Larry Clinton

The FHA is planning a virtual open homes tour this June. We’ve been inspired by Performing Stars of Marin City, which staged an online gala last fall that netted $125,000.

The centerpiece of our online production will be a walking tour, with visits to six homes and video interviews with the homeowners. Interspersed among the home visits will be a variety of fund-raising attractions, including a live auction for big-ticket ‘stay–and–play’ packages that might include wine country tours, seaplane rides, kayak tours, and other local attractions.

We also plan to include a silent auction of art created by locals, restaurant gift certificates and other smaller-ticket items; during the silent auction, viewers will be entertained by music performed local bands.

There will be opportunities for viewers to donate and support dock beautification projects and our outreach to other local nonprofits. And, of course, we’ll solicit local sponsors as we have for past tours.

Michele Affronte has already offered to round up participating homes. If you’d like your floating home to be part of the tour, please contact Michele. She will also need help preparing floating home owners for interviews and coordinating with the videographer.

Additionally, we’ll need help photographing the auction items, shooting and editing the band videos, and putting the final production together. We’ll also need help with marketing/PR, especially in social media. Please let us know whether you’d like to be part of this exciting new venture, and what areas interest you.

Julie Durbin is eager to get started, and would like to form subcommittees to work on auction packages and sponsors. If you would like to donate anything to be auctioned off—such as a stay in your floating home or a meal—or to help in any other way, please contact Julie.