South Forty’s Online Gallery

Skyline at Sunrise by Ken Spurr is on exhibit at SoFo Gallery  |  post by Guy Biederman

Inspired by the long-running Artists@Issaquah and shaped by the pandemic, SoFo Gallery is a monthly virtual platform for residents of South Forty Dock to share their art, writing, short videos, riffs, and photos.

The site provides an opportunity to get to know another side of our neighbors—from the other side of the mask and from behind the shopping cart—especially with many new neighbors moving in.

Current participants in the SoFo Gallery include Guy Biederman, Dennis Bayer, Ken Spurr, Susan Neri and Eric Holter. They encourage other docks to create their own curated virtual galleries.

On a personal note, Artists@Issaquah is how Phyllis and I landed on the docks. Stuart Riddell, my writing student and friend, invited us down to see his wife Emily’s art. We were smitten!