Board Meeting Notes – Feb 2021

Morning rainbow over a cloud-shrouded Mt. Tam  |  photo by Donna Lunsford  |  post by Larry Clinton


  • The Board approved a budget for 2021. The budget will be discussed by Treasurer Teddie Hathaway at the February 23 virtual annual meeting.
  • A Zoom link to the February 23 FHA annual meeting will be sent to all FHA members on February 18.
  • Non-members who would like to attend are encouraged to join the FHA before then or to contact Membership Co-Chair Lisa McNelley to receive a link. The meeting will be recorded for those who prefer to watch it later.
  • The other Membership Co-Chair, Jill Sherman, is exploring an ongoing FHA speakers series covering topics of interest to the floating homes community.
  • Past floating homes tour director Larry Clinton is working on a proposal for a virtual tour to replace the Open Homes tour this year. He will present a proposed budget and more details at the March board meeting.
  • The weekly Floating Times email with links to new articles is now being sent to everyone in the FHA database, about 800 individuals. Those who don’t wish to receive them can opt out, but so far very few have.
  • Liberty Dock Rep Jim Rettew shared the results of a Board survey of new website designs and showed the winning website format. He believes a new, more functional website can be launched within two months. He asked for images that people would like on the site. Jim will preview the new website at the February 23 annual meeting.
  • Jim asked if it was time to update the logo and it was agreed to consider a change. The existing logo will be an option in any final decision.
  • Doug Young of Yellow Ferry Harbor will serve as the new Environment Chair. Doug would like a co-environmental chair, and welcomes volunteers for the committee. If you’re interested, please contact Doug directly. He will look at chargers for electric cars for discussion at a future meeting. Waldo Point has the infrastructure for chargers with at least two spaces. Kappas has none and has no plans. East Pier Dock Reps Julan Pekkain and Carole Angermeir will survey Kappas residents to assess demand.
  • Julan will get in touch with Katherine Boschetto and report back about private tours at the next meeting.

Next Meeting:            Tuesday, March 9, 2021 7:00 P.M. Zoom