Marin City Residents Protest Development Proposal

Rendering of proposed 5-story development from Save Our City | post by Larry Clinton

As reported recently in the Pacific Sun, Marin City residents were upset when the County Board of Supervisors ignored their protests against a multi-unit development proposed to be built on the old Village Baptist Church site in Marin City, just across Drake Ave. from the popular Rocky Graham Park.

In a hearing that the developer described as a “shit show,” speakers cited the dangers of adding another large complex to an already densely populated area. But at the end of the day, the board dismissed the residents’ impassioned pleas, voting 3-2 to approve a bond to finance the project. You can read more about this contentious debate in the Pacific Sun story and in subsequent articles in the Marin IJ.

This fight isn’t over and Marin City activists are gathering signatures on an online petition to demonstrate community support for their concerns. To learn more about the proposed development, and to learn about ways to contribute to or participate in the Marin City efforts to oppose it, please visit the Save Our City website.