Eco Evolution Exhibition Opens May 16

photo from Maria Finn I post by Larry Clinton

The Sausalito Center for the Arts is launching a multi-week exhibition uniting artists, authors, filmmakers, and game changers in a collaborative effort to spark awareness and ignite inspiration for meaningful change. Entitled ECO EVOLUTION: EMPOWER FOR CHANGE, the exhibition will run until June 9.

Participating artists and special appearances are listed on the Center’s website.

Among the presenters will be our very own Maria Finn of Van Damme Dock, who will co-present a program on Ecosystem-Based Living. Maria is the author of the cookbook Forage. Gather. Feast., a delightful exploration of our local natural environment and the bounty it provides (complete with delicious recipes), and the founder of The Institute for Ecosystem-Based Living. Her co-presenter is Lydia Wendt, founder of California Cloth Foundry. Together, they’ll discuss ways we can hack our daily habits in food and fashion to live in more alignment with the natural world.

Their presentation will be on Friday, May 31, 5:30p.m – 7:30p.m. Reserve a free ticket here.

Copies of Maria’s book will be available for purchase.