Board Meeting Notes — Mar 2023

Bruce Thomas of East Pier shows off his model train set during a recent small group tour | photo by Brad Hathaway | post by Larry Clinton

Here are some of the items that were discussed or decided on at the March 14 FHA Board Meeting. More details will be reported later in the Floating Times.

 FHA President Pete Hudson reviewed his vision for FHA 2023/4 including:

  • More committee involvement, follow–ups and accountability
  • Focusing on 5 or 6 initiatives with achievable goals
  • Enhancing the ‘Membership’ section of the website
  • Consolidating and updating the FHA membership database to produce rosters for dock reps. Dock reps will use them to increase FHA membership

A 2023 budget was approved calling for $32,000 in income from small group tours. This goal will be reviewed as we move forward. Volunteers are needed to market and staff these tours. Target markets include chambers of commerce, hotel concierges, tour group operators, wedding planners, meeting planners, senior centers, and senior communities.

Nancy Hardaway (Main Dock) suggested including silent auctions at FHA events to help raise funds.

FHA Treasurer Linda Futrell announced that the Association has a new mailing address: 3020 Bridgeway Box #138, Sausalito, CA 94965.

The Board voted renewed membership in the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce, which will be able to help with marketing small group tours.

Pete Hudson and Anna Shimko (Main Dock) and Joe Novitski (Kappas East) will pursue meeting with county and state officials and with harbor owners to work through issues in the recently–passed rent stabilization law.

FHA VP Liz Brott (West Pier) is developing a strategy to update the FHA website. She will set up focus groups to explore what residents would like to see on the site.

FHA Secretary Candice Gold (Issaquah Dock) reported that there is no county requirement for permits or inspections to bring in an existing floating home into any slip. Currently, neighbors are not being notified of new home move-ins. She and Kimberly Wright (Yellow Ferry Harbor) will pursue closing this loophole with the County.

Next Meeting:   Tuesday, May 9, 2023  7:00 p.m.