Rent Control Faces Opposition

Joe Novitski of East Pier (tan hat) chats with neighbors about AB 252 | photo and post by Larry Clinton

Harbor owners are opposing the recently enacted rent stabilization ordinance (AB252), claiming it is a financial burden, and are collectively seeking to amend the bill.

The FHA wants all residents to understand what is in the bill, and how it helps to level the playing field between floating homeowners and the marinas, which were granted monopoly status decades ago when the Bay Conservation and Development Commission mandated no new floating home marinas and no new berths in existing marinas. Last weekend FHA volunteers met with neighbors in Van Damme Park to answer questions and provide explanations of how the law is meant to work.

The FHA has emailed all residents with calls to action in support of the new law. Look for the email, read it carefully, and please voice your opinion to our local legislators.