Earth Day – À Chacun Son Goût

Earth Day—April 22—always sneaks up on me; to tell the truth I’ve never been that excited by the day. I think my febrile teenage mind was informed by the 60s and yet by 1970, when Earth Day was first celebrated, the event felt manufactured. For context, my mother was never... Read more

Start Small: Grassroots Environmentalism

Earth Day is Friday, April 22 this year, but the best observance occurred earlier, on April 18, when the Goldman Foundation recognized its 2016 prize recipients. For the last 27 years, the Goldman Foundation honors six individuals who have triumphed against greed to save their local environment, one from each continent.... Read more

International Dark-Sky Week: April 4-10, 2016

400 years ago the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei wrote, “If you could see the earth illuminated when you were in a place as dark as night, it would look to you more splendid than the moon.” Clearly, a man ahead of his time. I was seven when John Glenn first shot... Read more

Dock Budgets for Composting

To encourage composting, the FHA board has agreed to set up a budget of $5 per household—per year—for each dock. We hope this marina-wide program—benefitting all residents—will increase awareness. As more people compost we will divert more waste away from our landfills, and improve the quality of our planet as... Read more

Sea Level Rise Study Seeks Floating Homes Input

Marin County Community Development Agency planner Bridget Van Belleghem visited the floating home community to learn what unique characteristics of our lifestyle would be affected by dramatic rises in sea level during a period of global warming. She met with Brad and Teddie Hathaway at their home on Kappas’s East... Read more

A Drop in the Bucket

  A while back the Environmental Committee discussed how our community could be better informed about our water usage, and if knowing how much water we use would affect our choices. Could immediately available feedback exert a positive effect on our behavior? Individual water metering turned out to be prohibitively... Read more

A King Tides Walk and the King Tides Project

It’s easy to feel inundated (pun intended) by the recent and seemingly endless posts about king tides and local flooding.  Here are two unique opportunities – with the last of this season’s king tides – to wade in (metaphorically speaking) and get up close and personal.  |  post by Jenny Stein UPDATE:... Read more

Strange Things Are Happening

No one can say for sure what the effects of the coming El Niño will be, but unusual appearances of sea creatures are occurring off the California coast, as local waters have already begun warming up. The Marine Mammal Center has rescued more northern fur seals in 2015 than any... Read more