A Load Off Our Hands

Over 1,000 pounds of e-waste was collected...
... and hauled away
Joy Dryden (W. Pier) got an extinguisher recharged by Firemaster Gabe Woods
Supporters of the Charles van Damme relic restoration project staged a yard sale
Helen Vandeman (Gate 6 1/2) talked trash with Bill Gargan  |  photos and post by Larry Clinton

Our community is a half-ton lighter after the FHA-sponsored e-waste collection day on October 13. That’s how much electronic junk was collected by the Conservation Corps North Bay for recycling. All those old computer parts, TVs, and household appliances will now be kept out of the landfill.

The Conservation Corps will stage another collection day in the Sausalito City Hall parking lot in January; check back for more specifics later this year. Individuals can schedule free home e-waste pickups by calling 707-758-5417.

Residents were also able to get fire extinguishers recharged (or purchase new ones) from Firemaster Gabe Woods.

Zero Waste Marin, the joint powers authority with a zero-waste objective, provided literature on hazardous waste disposal, along with some popular free swag: insulated water bottles, handsome tote bags and kitchen compost bins.

Folks from the Charles Van Damme Ferry Project also staged a yard sale to raise funds for the restoration of relics from the old CVD ferry that was once beached very near the site of the October 13 event in the parking lot of the new Waldo Point Park.

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