The Little Shop of Wonders

Waterfront Wonders dressed up for Hallowe’en  |  photo and post by Larry Clinton

Krystal Gambie is a native of the legendary Gates Co-Op at Waldo Point. Her father, the late Charles Michael Haas II, also known on the waterfront as Michael Woodstock, was an editor, shop owner and teacher. Her mother, Penny Bernardi, was the co-op office manager, and also helped found the clothing store Waldo Works on Gate 5 Road in the 70s. Together, they published the alternative newspaper Garlic Press. Krystal’s first job, at age 12, was working as editor on the dream journal GATES with John Van Daam.

After moving to the East Coast several years ago, Krystal has returned to her roots. She is researching a book titled Gone With the Tide — a waterfront history starting with the 1950s. Each chapter will represent a decade through art, photography and stories, featuring tributes to noteworthy figures in order of their arrival at Waldo Point.

Inspired by her research, she has opened a shop called Waterfront Wonders at 314 Caledonia Street (next door to Waterstreet Hardware) that features an eclectic mix of jewelry, fashions, books and vintage artworks.

For those interested in Sausalito’s bayfront history, Waterfront Wonders offers a step back in time. Here you can find pen and ink prints by brothers James and John Kendall, photographs and books by houseboat historian Bruce Forrester and Rolling Stone photographer Lawrence White, waterscape paintings by Stephen Ehret (to name just a few), as well as Krystal’s own nautical and guitar pick jewelry, books, gifts, crafts, and other treasures from all over and for all ages.

Krystal invites local authors and entertainers to appear at her shop. On December 4, ex-anchor-out Kym Trippsmith will sing and read from her new novel, The Amazon Queen, a fictional account of living on the bay back in the day.

She also maintains her ties to the floating homes community, participating in the recent A Day in the Park and the celebration of the ferry Charles Van Damme.