The Importance of FHA Membership

Artists, musicians and other local talents are showcased at each FHA Day in the Park | photo by Pete Hudson | post by Larry Clinton

The Floating Homes Association represents the interests of floating homeowners and renters to help foster a friendly, inclusive, and colorful community on Richardson Bay. Your membership helps the FHA provide services and sponsor events that support and strengthen our unique community.

Through the work of our volunteers Board of Directors and members, the FHA:

  • Builds community. We host an annual party and meeting, free family Days in the Park, and provide funds to support individual dock social activities and needs, building lifelong friendships.
  • Advocates for beneficial legislation. We communicate with your local and state representatives. Seven pieces of California legislation have been sponsored by the FHA and signed into law, including AB252, extending crucial rent stabilization to our marinas.
  • Organizes emergency preparedness. Because our needs are unique, we maintain a trailer with supplies appropriate to any emergency, such as two-way radios and heavy-duty pumps to bail out sinking homes. We have emergency preparedness videos and other resources on our website, we host fire drills on the docks, and we encourage residents to train with the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program. Once completed, the FHA will reimburse the cost. If you are interested in becoming a CERT, please visit the CERT website.
  • Are good neighbors. The FHA has donated thousands of dollars to local nonprofits, including the Marin City Library, Sausalito Village, Marine Mammal Center, and the Sausalito Historical Society.
  • Publishes The Floating Times and maintains a website with important information, including upcoming events, safety and emergency preparedness tips, and a floating home service provider list.
  • Provides Amenities. The FHA purchases that one important necessity of dock life: shopping carts. We also purchase commemorative Adirondack chairs in memory of past neighbors.
  • Cares for our environment. FHA volunteers initiated the dock compost program and organize regular Bay Cleanup Days.
  • Fosters community engagement. Volunteers can serve as Dock Representatives or on a committee, including Tour, Membership, Floating Times, Environment, Emergency Preparedness, Government Relations and Public Relations. To see how to get involved, visit the FHA website.

Membership is the most effective way for you to help strengthen our community. The FHA is off to a good year with ambitious plans to provide more services, events and community building activities. Join your neighbors and through your support, help us continue to work together to create a lively, diverse, and progressive place that celebrates our beautiful and unique waterfront community.

You can join, renew or extend your membership, and help even further with a donation, on the membership page of the FHA website