FHA Day in the Park: It Takes a Village

Three witches are fascinated by vocalist ChauntiAna  |  photo by Carole Angermeir
Kids danced in a field of bubbles  |  photo by Jen Gennari
Cowgirl Naomi with her parents Scott and Sophia of East PIer  |  photo by Jane Clinton
Davey Jones' chowder was a huge hit  |  photo by Jane Clinton
Gabe Woods was busy all day filling or exchanging fire extinguishers  |  photo and post by Larry Clinton

Nearly 200 friends and neighbors enjoyed a beautiful afternoon during the Floating Homes Association’s free Day in the Park on October 30. Event organizer and FHA VP Pete Hudson noted, “it was great to see the community come together under the clear and sunny skies of autumn. The FHA thanks everyone for coming and we hope to see you in the spring for another Day in the Park.”

Pete extends his sincere thanks and “a big floating homes community round of applause” to everyone who pitched in to make the day roaring success, especially:

  • Julie Durbin: Julie goes above and beyond every time to provide the event with great musical acts and entertainment.
  • Heather Lerner: As MC, Heather ties it all together and gives the Day in the Park its personality and charm.
  • The Mighty Team of Volunteers: Without them, this thing would never have happened: Aislyn Green, Alejandra Meza, Barbara Rycerski, Candice Gold, Carole Angermeir, David Besid, Denise Kendall, Flo Hoylman, Gail Forest, Jim Rettew, John Schlage, Kimberly Wright, Mari Steeno, Marissa Lin, Michelle Affronte, Mike Lewis, Mira Kanter, Nancy Hardaway, Ted Levit, and Tracy Corbin.
  • The FHA would also like to thank Glen Brown (sound), Scoutt Balchowsky (power and cable), and Davey Jones (delicious chowder).

FHA President Michael Labate added that “everything really clicked well.” He singled out Emergency Services Chair Flo Hoylman, who “had the emergency preparedness scene totally covered and even took the time to make sure that Gabe the fire extinguisher guy was fed. He was very busy.”

Michael also point out that the day “wouldn’t have happened in a good way if it wasn’t for Pete Hudson. That man is everywhere doing everything. We owe you big time Pete.”