AB252 Questions and Answers

Rent stablilzation comes to the Sausalito floating homes | photo by Linda Davis | post by Larry Clinton

In our recent report on the passage of rent stabilization (AB252) for floating home marinas in Sausalito and other Bay Area communities, we invited questions. Here are four questions we’ve received so far. The answers below are informational and must not be considered legal advice. If you intend to make decisions based on this information, we recommend consulting an attorney specializing in landlord–tenant law.

Q. Will this law protect residents if the marina is sold to a new owner?
A. Yes, the rent increase restrictions in this new state law will apply to a new owner.

Q. Will this new law affect my ability to rent my home?
A. Yes, positively. You can offer a long–term lease with the assurance that your own lease won’t be increased by more than 5%.

Q. Is there currently any protection for renters of floating homes as far as rent goes?
A. The new law governs only leases between marinas and floating home owners. There is no rent control on the leasing of individual floating homes to renters.

Q. My berth fee increased by more than 5% in 2022. Can I expect a refund?
A. No refund, but if your rent was raised by more than what AB 252 allows in 2022, your rent next year resets to the January 2022 level plus the increase allowed under this law. You are not entitled to a refund of the higher rent you’ve already paid in 2022.

If you have additional questions, please send them to the Floating Homes Association. We’ll continue to reply in the Floating Times. The FHA will also have a table at Day in the Park on October 30, with informational handouts and an opportunity for you to contribute toward the cost of getting this fundamental legislation passed.