Shelter in Place on the Water

Who are those masked gardeners?  Jung Vu helps Jane Clinton re-pot a succulent on Gate 6 ½  |  photo and post by Larry Clinton

SFGate has posted an article subtitled: Being in a houseboat is better: Shelter-in-place, Sausalito houseboat style. Author Madeline Wells interviewed Rachael Limkin of Issaquah, who described how tight-knit our community is: “Normally on a Friday night, I’m in half a dozen different houses having food or wine,”

Social distancing is especially tough in a neighborhood that prides itself on its sense of community notes Well. “But with many houseboat residents being elderly, they have no choice but to take the situation extremely seriously.”

And it seems to be working, said Bill Price, Waldo Point harbormaster. “I’ve been really impressed with my community of tenants. They’ve been very on top of it and super good about taking care of themselves and their neighbors.”

The post even includes a sidebar describing the home meal delivery program started by Van Damme Dock residents Davey Jones and Maria Finn. Wells mentions that their venture, Port & Provisions, has set up a No Neighbor Left Behind service that provides free meals to those in need, funded by contributions from the community.