Galilee Dock Closed Over Complaints About Anchor-Outs

The Galilee launch float was removed and the gangplank that led to it has been pulled back on the dock  |  photo and post by Larry Clinton

Earlier this month we reported that an attorney for Galilee Harbor had asked the Bay Conservation and Development Commission for approval to remove a launch float because of alleged misuse and damage by some anchor-outs. That request was approved, and the dock disappeared on April 22.

According to an article in the Marin IJ, “Residents and employees of Galilee Harbor sought the dock’s removal because of repeated reports that some anchor-outs are disturbing the peace, threatening workers and using drugs.”

The dock will be closed for at least two years until the problem is resolved, according to a BCDC staff report. Instead, anchor-outs have been directed to use the Turney Street boat ramp.

Attorney Riley Hurd told the IJ, “Temporarily closing the dock is a last resort.” Hurd added, “Galilee is more than willing to re-open the dock when it can be demonstrated that this level of impact will no longer occur.”