Reliving Day in the Park

Stephen Ehret and Cynthia Franco were among the local artists participating in Day in the Park  |  photo by Bonny Meyer  |  post by Larry Clinton

Bonny Meyer splits time between Issaquah Dock and the Napa Valley, where she’s a principal at Meyer Family Enterprises. She’s also the author of Perfectly Paired, the story of the love affair behind Silver Oak Cellars. And on top of that, she’s also an avid videographer, and recently completed a video showcasing the FHA’s Day in the Park.

The video depicts dance-inspiring music, delicious food, impressive magic and more during this free event hosted by the Floating Homes Association. As Bonny says, “sometimes you never know about the hidden talents of the girl or guy next door until the invitation goes out and the table is set for fun!”

Bonny has a YouTube channel called DiVine Conversations containing this plus many other instructional and entertaining videos.