Coolest Mayor(s) in California

Mayors Janelle Gellman (l.) and Jill Hoffman (r.) share a laugh with winning bidder Christine Templin
Julie Durbin (center) hosted the group on the Mayor's Deck of her home The Fairy Tale
Christine, Julie and Mayor Kellman got the royal treatment at the Spinnaker

Ed Lopez also joined the group at the Spinnaker  |  photos by Ed Lopez, Julie Durbin and Katy Fox  |  post by Julie Durbin

Saturday, May 14, was a beautiful evening for a night with the mayors. Yes, “mayors” plural. Christine Templin was the winning bidder for a dinner with the mayor of Sausalito at the Sausalito Floating Homes Virtual Gala and Tour last June. Ed Lopez and I were honored to host Chris, the former mayor of Sausalito Jill Hoffman, and the current mayor Janelle Kellman aboard The Fairy Tale for wine tasting before dinner at the Spinnaker. Jill Hoffman was mayor at the time of the donation, but since then, Janelle Kellman has taken over, so we got a two-for-one deal on mayors of Sausalito!

We started out the evening aboard the appropriately named “Mayor’s Deck” of the Fairy Tale, where Jill poured, and we sampled, wine from her personal wine distributorship A few neighbors stopped by and had a light discussion on some of the issues facing Sausalito right now. In keeping with the old houseboat tradition, passerby Wilford Welch was beckoned in to join the party. Captain Allen Gross, a West Pier neighbor and longtime Sausalito waterfront guy, expressed his thoughts regarding the Sausalito working waterfront struggles, which Mayor Kellman supported. The newest member of West Pier, Katy Fox, was there showing support for all the mayors’ efforts that she has been reading about in local media.

After wine tasting, we had a fabulous dinner at the Spinnaker restaurant in Sausalito where we were treated like royalty. Janelle even managed to get face-to-face time with some very pleased constituents who were also at The Spinnaker.

Thank you Mayor Jill Hoffman and The Spinnaker for the wonderful live auction donation. Thank you Christine Templin for supporting the Floating Homes Association by bidding on this donation. A special thanks to Jean Templin, who also bid on this prize but was eventually outbid by her sister Christine. And thank you to Jill and Janelle for being the coolest mayors in CA!