Open Studios & Holiday Art Party – Dec 1 & 2

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Save the Dates: Dec 1 & 2 — 247 Gate 5 Road/Varda Landing

The holiday season kicks off with 2 events by our artistic neighbors over on Gate 5 Road. Tracey Kessler, and other featured artists, invite you to an Open Studio at Beyond the Wave Gate, while Gate Five Clay Studio is throwing a Holiday Party and Sale. These events coincide with the 50th ICB Winter Open Studios (Nov 30, Dec 1 & 2).

Beyond the Wave Gate studios occupy buildings from the Libertyship boat building days, and are some of the only original structures that remain on Gate 5 Road. Over the years, various floating homes residents have taken advantage of the nearby studio space: Elaine West had a studio there (before her move last year out to Inverness) while artists currently showing works include Liberty Dock’s Nora Stratton, Victoria Joy and Oliva Pelligra.

Works on sale from Hillair Bell (l.) and Doug Wilson (r.)

South 40’s Hillair Bell describes the genesis of  the Clay Cooperative, which has grown to 14 members, “Gate 5 Clay was born in Jan 2012 when 10 ceramic artists emerged from classes at College of Marin and wanted a real studio. I found the property and managed the initial coming together. As in any cooperative venture it takes a team and everyone plays a part. Doug Wilson accompanied [Hillair’s husband] Michael [Sheats] and me to Ojai to purchase and dismantle a gas kiln which we got permitted and rebuilt at Gate 5 Clay. Doug did the masonry work and remains the primary go-to person for building projects.

“Our members  make functional pots, sculptures and hand built ware, as well as jewelry. One of our members , Gordon Morris, was featured on the front page of IJ Lifestyles for his sculptural work exhibited in MMOCA (Marin Museum of Contemporary Art) show that  runs through Dec 23. He also does functional ware. Philippe Haas (honorary floating homes resident—he grew up in the Co-op and his mother lives on Van Damme Dock) began making replicas of houseboats and has now begun making jewelry.

“Our annual sale Dec 1-2 began as a party to thank our many friends for their support as we were starting up. We added the second day in response to many requests and to take advantage of the ICB Open Studios down the block.

“You can expect to find a range of functional ware of all sizes and descriptions as well as compelling animals and arresting birds drawn on various ceramic forms. Prices are very affordable. None of us are production potters but we find inspiration in each piece that emerges from the clay in our hands.”

posters courtesy Tracey Kessler  |  photo by Hillair Bell  |  post by Jenny Stein