Fire Drill at Yellow Ferry Harbor

YFH residents turned out in force for a fire drill
Chris Tellis and Ron Cherry answered residents' questions
Residents practiced turning on hoses...
... and aiming them
Smoky skies the morning of the fire drill  |  photos by Gina Locurcio  |  post by Gina Locurcio and Larry Clinton

Yellow Ferry Harbormaster Chris Tellis and his right hand man, Ron Cherry, conducted a fire drill Saturday morning November 17. Residents were briefed on fire safety protocol and shown how to use all the nearby hoses in the event of an emergency. Chris also handed out written instructions, including:

  1. Make sure everybody is evacuated from the boat
  2. Call 911
  3. Open closest fire box. Grab the horn and blow it. Yell “fire” many times. (Why doesn’t every dock have horns like that?)

Chris also included instructions for operating the hoses on his dock. Since hose hookups vary from marina to marina, we won’t post them here, but it would be a good idea for each dock rep to schedule a similar fire drill and write up dock-specific instructions for handling hoses and other firefighting equipment.

The timeliness of this fire drill was reinforced by the photo Gina had taken earlier that morning of the smoky skies over Clipper Yacht Harbor.