Oct 1: Summer Fades – Love Remains

Preview of Oct 1 skywriting event | illustration courtesy Chris Hardman © 2017

All eyes will be on the Golden Gate Bridge this coming Sunday—October 1 from 2 to 5 p.m.—in anticipation of a final ode to the Summer of Love. As reported recently in the MarinIJ—view the full article: Summer of Love skywriting tribute planned at Golden Gate

…a skywriter is set to sketch a gigantic heart and the word “Love” in the heavens between the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. “I thought it would be a perfect image for the Summer of Love, a way of expressing San Francisco to the world,” said San Rafael’s Chris Hardman, who’s producing the event with his Antenna Theater company. “We’re calling it, ‘Summer fades, love remains.’”

Join the flotilla of boats expected to gather under the Golden Gate Bridge

“We’ve got schooners, kayakers dressed as yellow submarines, sailboarders, the Tamalpais Outrigger Club,” Chris said. “A San Francisco fireboat will be spraying water under the bridge.”

or purchase a ticket to view the event from the Schooner Freda B.

Chris’s ‘60s Statement (from the Magic Bus script)

50 years ago the hobbit/hippies envisioned a world of extended families living simply on organic farms run by wind.

There would be no need for resource wars, no need for oil or gas.  The skies would be blue and the water pure.

Some of these ideas were accepted, many rejected.

The hobbit / hippies were laughed at as foolish dreamers and naïve kids.

50 years later many people are thinking like little green hobbitty-hippies but not because it’s a beautiful dream, of a beautiful future, but because they realize it is a necessity of our times.

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