New Disaster Response Trailer Wheel Covers — Thanks, Fiona!

Fiona Clements and her faithful companion Rici inspect her handiwork at the FHA Disaster Response trailer | photo and post by Larry Clinton

Dr. Fiona Clements, a 10-year resident of Liberty Dock, has been instrumental in stocking the FHA’s Disaster Response Trailer with a full range of equipment, including pumps, essential tools, communications aids, orange vests, water rescue throw rope, orange traffic cones, hard hats, automatic external defibrillators, a wheelchair that can be borrowed short-term, basic first aid supplies and equipment for setting up an emergency command center.

And now she’s gone a step further. Noticing the deterioration of the wheel covers on the trailer, which is parked along Gate 6 Rd., Fiona took it upon herself to make new covers, complete with FHA identification. She used the same synthetic fabric she has used to make boat covers, which protects against both rain and sun.

Here’s a shout-out to Fiona for noticing a problem and fixing it, all on her own.

Anyone who needs something from the trailer can contact any of the individuals listed on signs on the trailer’s side and rear entries.