New Carts from FHA

Pete Hudson unloading new carts | photo and post by Larry Clinton

44 new shopping carts were delivered late Tuesday, August 29. Floating Homes Association President Pete Hudson and various volunteers distributed them to docks where they are needed. The carts are courtesy of the FHA and partially funded by an anonymous donor.

Please help keep these carts in good working order. Because they’re oversized, workers may be tempted to overload them with heavy equipment or materials, which can disable them. Please instruct your workers to bring their own dollies, or to use alternate transports like flatbeds, if they’re available on your dock.

These carts are labeled Floating Homes Association, and you can help prevent yours from disappearing by storing them away from public view, if possible. Don’t leave them out in parking lots and remove them from areas that might flood in high tides or heavy rain.