Driver Causes Power Outage, Other Damage     

Water spout could be seen from Waldo Point  |  photo by Stefan Krug
Power was out for hours
Uprooted fire hydrant
Where the fire hydrant used to be
Damaged street sign and vehicles  |  remaining photos and post by Larry Clinton

On Wednesday, August 23, a white pickup truck belonging to Hood Sails knocked out power at the far north end of Sausalito, in the floating homes community, and in a large swath of Marin City.

According to eyewitness reports, at about 12:30 p.m. the driver crashed into a power pole on Coloma Street near Bridgeway, causing the power outage, then backed into a fire hydrant on the other side of the street, uprooting the hydrant and causing water to spout fifty feet in the air. Next, the truck flattened a street sign and struck two parked vehicles, badly damaging both. Boaters reported hearing tires squealing and seeing the geyser of water out on the Bay.

Power was eventually restored by mid-afternoon.

No details have been released about the identity or condition of the driver. Chief Stacie Gregory of the Sausalito Police Department told the Marin IJ that the crash involved no crime, but a later posting from the City of Sausalito stated that the entire calamity was under investigation.