Sausalito Among Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in the World

Scoma’s and the Trident on the Sausalito Waterfront  |  photo from Travel & Leisure  |  post by Larry Clinton

The website iHeart states: “There is one town in California situated within the hills along the coast, framing the lines where the sun meets the earth and the earth meets the sea. A breathtaking change of pace that is simply impossible to forget if you’ve ever visited, leaving you with memories, views, sunshine, and smiles to last a lifetime.”

The site refers to a list compiled by Travel & Leisure, which selects our village as the most beautiful coastal town in all of California and 16th most beautiful on the planet.

Here’s what Travel & Leisure has to say about Sausalito:

“With its stately hillside homes overlooking the water, Sausalito could be mistaken for an Italian fishing village. But this Bay Area town is just a quick ferry ride from San Francisco, on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sausalito is known for its floating houseboats — more than 400 docked in five marinas — and an artsy vibe, with galleries, boutiques, and fine restaurants.”

But we knew that, didn’t we?