Local Nonprofits Benefit from FHA Tour

FHA VP Flo Hoylman (red scarf) presents a really big check to Sara Jones, County Director of Library Services, Wyna Baron, President of the Friends of the Marin City Library, and Marin City Library Branch Manager Diana Lopez  |  photo and post by Larry Clinton

The Floating Homes Association has presented checks totaling $5220 to the two nonprofits which have helped with our Open Homes tour for many years. Between them, Sausalito Village and the Friends of the Marin City Library have turned out over half of the 200+ volunteers needed to put on our tour, helping to make it run smoothly and enjoyably for all concerned.

In return, the FHA has made it a policy to share some of the net proceeds of each tour with these active nonprofits, and this year presentations took place at their December meetings.

As tour co-director and a member of Sausalito Village, I was proud to present a donation to SV President Trisha Smith, at the group’s holiday singalong. Sausalito Village offers companionship and services to enhance the ability of seniors to live independently, remaining active and integral to our community. Many floating homes residents are Sausalito Village volunteers and members.

FHA VP Flo Hoylman presented an oversize facsimile check at a meeting of the Board of FOMCL, under the watchful gaze of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Once again this year, Diana showed a Power Point presentation detailing how our donations are being put to use funding library and community educational activities.

Because the FHA has decided to take a year off from the annual tour, we will not be able to provide this same level of support to Sausalito Village and the Friends of the Marin City Library in 2018. Instead, we encourage residents to support these organizations by joining, volunteering and donating to them. You can find more information about them by clicking on the links above.

I was pleased to present the FHA donation to Trisha Smith, President of Sausalito Village |  photo by Joyce Alexander

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