A Look Back – Our Favorite Posts of 2017

As we close out 2017, we take a look back at some of our favorite posts. To read a post, click the link/story title. Over the first month of 2018 we’ll publish our picks of more 2017 posts worth taking a 2nd look at: Dock and Community News, Environmental, Emergency Preparedness and Warnings, Government, and finally FHA.

It’s been 10 months since we launched a newly-reformatted Floating Times. January 1 we will feature our 3rd panoramic photo by Ric Miller (in our rotation of header photos — top of the home page). Do you have a photo that would suit the super-wide format of the header space? Or are you a photographer interested in contributing photos to the Floating Times? Please contact Jenny.



Mar 10, 2017   What’s in a Name? Why Sausalito?

Apr 1, 2017   Plans Unveiled for Pier 39-Style Park at WPH

Apr 6, 2017   Invasive Sea Lavender Threatens Our Shores

Apr 10, 2017   Matthew Turner Makes a Splash

Apr 11, 2017   Perfect Storm Sinks Two Boats

Apr 13, 2017   Brave New World as Ducklings Hatch

May 28, 2017   Peace Love & Support for the Varda Mosaic

June 30, 2017   The Vallejo Then and Now

Sept 8, 2017   The Spit — Gardening on the Edge

Oct 18, 2017   Athletes of Issaquah: George and Emma Tubbs

Nov 15, 2017   East Pier AdventureR

Dec 20, 2017   Brigade Lights up Sausalito–Marin City Tunnel

Dec 22, 2017   Floating Home Market Update