Just Like Us – Only Opposite

Today, over 3,000 people enjoy living under boats, and some are available for tourist rentals  |  photo and post from unusualplaces.org

Jarl Forsman of Issaquah Dock found a website that tells of a French village of upside-down boat houses.

Equihen Plage is a fishing port and farming village on the English Channel coast. Back at the beginning of the 1900s, as many boats were abandoned on the shore, local fishermen used them as roofs for their handmade shelters. At the time, the area was called Quartier des Quilles en l’Air: the neighborhood of keels in the air.

Unfortunately, the Second World War ruined almost every boathouse in the village. However, local families were determined to maintain their legacy. So, village residents restored some of the old boathouses and built new ones.

Today, living in such a small space, instead of a modern house seems unnecessary. But the locals are devoted to preserving their culture and history.