Holiday Tugboat Caroling – Dec 3 [not Dec 4!!!]

[left to right] David Robert Johnson (guitar), Kristine Barrett Johnson (vocals), Santa & Blaze Nash (pilot) aboard Tugboat Otto, Caroling around the Lagoon, Dec 2017 | photo by Dennis Bayer | post by Jenny Stein

UPDATE—Due to potential rain the date of Tugboat Caroling is changed from Tuesday Dec 4th to Monday Night Dec 3rd….

What? Holiday Tugboat Caroling

Where? Upon the Waters of Our Floating Neighborhood

MONDAY DECEMBER 3rd — 6:30pm – 10pm
—Liberty, Main, South 40, Gates, Issaquah, Yellow Ferry, etc.—

How? You come to the Window or Balcony ~ We Sing to You

Why? Tis the Season and We Love You

Look for the Little Lit-Up TugBoat, Floating Merrily upon the Sea with Sparkle and Shimmer and Shine and the Sweetest of Song!

All You Gotta Do ~ Let Us See You in the Window or On the Balcony & Expect Holiday Magic Across the Waters, from Us to You!

Please let any Houseboat Neighbors we may have missed know about the date…Thx

When it comes to the floating neighborhoods of Sausalito, the annual age-old tradition of Christmas caroling gets an appropriate twist—it’s done by boat. Watch the video/read the Dec. 2017 article: Christmas Caroling at Sausalito’s Floating Homes Done by Boat – NBC Bay Area