Free Smoke Alarms Installed in 53 Homes

Volunteers unload installation supplies  |  This and next two photos by Ali Johnston
Volunteer command post at Kappas Marina
Assigning volunteers to specific docks
John Cullison (l.) and his nephew Rob change batteries on Gate 6-1/2  |  photo by Larry Clinton
FHA volunteer Felicity Kirsch goes over safety checklists with Noreen Schuman on Gate 6-1/2  |  photo and post by Larry Clinton

Fifty-three floating homes in our community are now protected with 10-year smoke detectors. These state-of-the-art alarms were provided and installed free by the Bay Area Chapter of the Red Cross. Volunteers from the Red Cross and from our community gathered as early as 7 a.m. on August 19 to begin a long day of consulting with homeowners and installing the new models in strategic locations.

Volunteers even checked existing alarms and changed batteries when needed. They also distributed fire and earthquake safety checklists, and consulted with homeowners on emergency exit plans for each home.

John Cullison, disaster co-chair for the local chapter, mentioned that this event was part of an American Red Cross campaign to install three million smoke alarms nationally by the end of October (which includes National Fire Prevention Week).

The Red Cross has been raising funds to finance this campaign. You can help by donating at the Bay Area chapter’s website.

The FHA Emergency Preparedness Committee is planning another installation for next spring.

Look for details here and at the 2018 FHA Annual Membership Meeting this winter.