FHA Announces Legislative Advocacy Committee

County, state and, occasionally, national issues will be addressed by the LAC  |  public domain photo  |  post by Pete Hudson

The Floating Homes Association is currently restructuring its Government Affairs Committee to enhance its purpose and scope and establish what will become the Legislative Advocacy Committee (LAC). The opportunity to reimagine the Government Affairs Committee presented itself when Teddie Hathaway stepped down from her post as Chairperson after several years dedicated to tracking and reporting state and local political issues that directly or indirectly affected the Sausalito floating home community. We thank Teddie for her years of service to the FHA.

The past year brought some legislative concerns that impact both residents and harbor owners and the FHA is adjusting accordingly. “We feel establishing the LAC is a necessary step toward responding to recent community questions and concerns around current rent control legislation (AB252) and other hot-button issues such as County permitting and notification for newly arriving houseboats,” said Pete Hudson, FHA Board President.

The FHA is no stranger to political action. Founded in 1985 as a civic organization to improve public understanding of our community and to represent the residents in handling legal, political, and governmental concerns, the FHA has since sponsored seven pieces of California legislation that were eventually signed into law. Establishing the LAC continues that legacy and will provide a forum for those interested in presenting new information on legal and governmental controls affecting houseboat owners, expressing opinions on current legislation, taking action on issues as community representatives, and helping raise awareness within our floating homes community of existing and future legislative matters.

The committee will be open to all FHA members who want to participate in discussions, raise concerns, ask questions, or just stay current. Open meetings will be via Zoom or in-person at least once a month and the Chairperson would then report updates and activities to the Board at the monthly Board meeting on the second Tuesday. The date and time of the upcoming LAC committee meeting will be announced at the Board meetings and be available in the posted minutes and emailed to committee members. Look out for more information about the LAC as we approach next month’s kick-off. If you are interested in joining the LAC or have questions or comments, please email Pete Hudson directly.