Emergency Preparedness – PHLUSH!

Emergency hand-washing system PHLUSH | post by Flo Hoylman




PHLUSH (Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human), a Portland, OR volunteer advocacy group, has designed a system for creating emergency toilets from 5 or 6-gallon plastic buckets, which are often available free from markets, restaurants and bakeries. Buckets and lids may also be purchased at hardware stores.

Until needed, these buckets can be nested for storage and used for everyday cleaning chores. If water is shut off during an emergency, the twin-bucket system can be used with a plastic seat to separate pee from poop: reducing disease and making the contents of each bucket easier to handle. Lids also reduce odors and discourage pests.

PHLUSH has also designed a two-bucket hand washing system (shown at left). More information on disaster sanitation is available at the PHLUSH website.

Visit the FHA website (CLICK HERE) for illustrated instructions for assembling and using these systems, and follow the links below for lists of emergency items you should consider having on your body, in your car, at your work desk, and in your home:

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