Community Meet and Greet Well Received

Post by Teddie Hathaway  |  photo by Jenny Stein

The first of the community meetings with our government representatives—organized by East Pier residents Carole Angermier and Wilford Welch, and Brad and Teddie Hathaway—kicked off Sunday afternoon (February 28) with Kate Sears, our County Supervisor. The informal setting at 1 East Pier was meant as a discussion, not a speech, and it worked very well.

Questions from the crowd of about 30 residents ranged from how the RBRA (Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency) is dealing with anchor-outs and what it may mean that Sausalito is balking at continuing to fund the RBRA, to flooding at Manzanita, to the plans for the new ferry terminal in Sausalito to better accommodate bicycles, and what happens to our traffic when those bicycles stream up the 101 corridor.

Those in attendance indicated they were pleased with the meeting and said they look forward to the next one. One resident even suggested that we have an informational meeting with PG&E to learn more about smart meters.

Teddie and Wilford are working to arrange the next “meet and greet” for late March.

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