Sea Level Rise Study Seeks Floating Homes Input

The OCOF Sea Level Interactive Map  |  photo and story by Brad Hathaway

Marin County Community Development Agency planner Bridget Van Belleghem visited the floating home community to learn what unique characteristics of our lifestyle would be affected by dramatic rises in sea level during a period of global warming.

She met with Brad and Teddie Hathaway at their home on Kappas’s East Pier and learned about such things as the placement of utilities under our docks, the various methods of securing our homes in their slips and the unique access issues that tidal flooding could create for those using the intersection of Bridgeway and Gate 6 Road.

Working with an interactive map and data base that is available online – Our Coast Our Future – Van Belleghem demonstrated the situations at various degrees of sea level rise in king tide or storm scenarios and asked many questions about access, emergency preparedness, and the features of floating home living.

She said her office would welcome any comments from residents of the docks through her email address of or the county’s senior watershed planner, Chris Choo at