Dock Rep Elections This Month

East Pier Dock Rep Stefan Krug helps distribute new shopping carts, courtesy of the FHA | photo by Flo Hoylman | post by Larry Clinton

Annual elections for dock reps and alternates will be conducted later this month. So far, most reps and alternates have agreed to run for another term, but the following slots are still open:

A Dock Alternate
Commodore Alternate
Van Damme: Dock Rep and Alternate

To be nominated, an individual must be a member of the Floating Homes Association, and a resident of the community (homeowner or renter).

General activities of your Dock Representative:


  • Attend monthly FHA board meetings (dock rep or alternate) where floating homes issues and news are discussed.

Dock Communication

  • Let residents know about events (parties, meetings) and results of FHA Board meetings.
  • Solicit input from dock residents about issues they have living in the community (and issues the Board is considering).
  • Work with Dock Safety Captains on emergency preparedness.
  • Email dock news to Floating Times and encourage residents to submit articles.
  • Encourage residents to participate in/volunteer for the Floating Homes Tour.

FHA Communication

  • Give new residents’ contact info to Membership Chair and Data Base Coordinator.
  • Welcome new dock owners/residents & explain what the FHA does for the community.
  • Deliver welcome packet to new residents, encourage FHA membership.

General perks of being a Dock Representative:

  • Connecting with neighbors.
  • Getting to know your dock and its residents (owners and renters).
  • Meeting with your counterparts on other docks to share what works and doesn’t.


  • Seeing activities or improvements on your dock come to fruition with FHA yearly funds.

If you are interested in nominating yourself or anyone else, contact FHA Administrative Coordinator Linda Sempliner ASAP. Each dock will receive a ballot before the end of the month and residents can vote by email. Results of the elections will be announced after the November 12 FHA Board Meeting.