Dock Budgets for Composting

Bundles of 25 3-gal BioBag kitchen compost liners | photo by Jenny Stein | post by Sally Champe

To encourage composting, the FHA board has agreed to set up a budget of $5 per household—per year—for each dock. We hope this marina-wide program—benefitting all residents—will increase awareness. As more people compost we will divert more waste away from our landfills, and improve the quality of our planet as well as our neighborhood.

Similar to the “Dock Activities Fund,” this budget would be under the control of Dock Representatives or their designees. The funds can be used to purchase supplies: kitchen compost liners, large bin liners; create educational materials: flyers, placards; or for other composting-related projects. The fund will be available on a calendar year basis and will not carry over from year to year. All receipts for purchase of composting materials must be submitted before year’s end. This is a pilot program for 2016, to be discussed further when Dock Reps report back at the end of the year.

Please pay attention to what is compostable and what is not. In general the rule is, “anything that was once alive is compostable”. In the meantime if you have not been composting and want to give it a try immediately, I have some household bags to give away, as well as some printed information sheets.

You can contact me [Sally Champe] at: