Larry Moyer – Remembering the Raconteur


The Closing Act at the Sausalito Women’s Club

THE PERFECT HIGH by Shel Silverstein – Part 1 from Leroy Dong on YouTube

– bringing down the house –

THE PERFECT HIGH by Shel Silverstein – Part 2 from Leroy Dong on YouTube

Jeff Greenwald— who interviewed Larry for a piece he wrote for the Smithsonian—Livin’ on the Dock of the Bay—had this to say:

Larry was a mensch, a rake, a philosopher and a true original. They don’t make ’em like him anymore. Last time I saw him was last summer. How I wish I’d called him on his birthday. I’m sure many of us never really got to say goodbye; but he probably never would have wanted to.

Larry and Tom | photo by Nora Stratton

Friends of Larry Moyer and the Sausalito Waterfront, many of you asked how you can contribute…  We are utilizing [gofundme] to gather the necessary funding to cover the cremation cost and memorial expenses to honor Larry. All remaining donations will support Larry’s wife Dianne, which will help with potential relocation costs. When you make a donation you will have the opportunity to leave a comment and we hope you will share a few words or a memory of Larry for everyone to enjoy.

The Tribute/Memorial will be Sunday April 10th at Sausalito Cruising Club from 1pm-4pm