Issy – Recovering at The Marine Mammal Center

Issy – quietly on the mend | Issaquah Dock Heroes Rescue Harbor Seal Pup  |  photo and update by The MMC’s Adam Ratner

Issy is becoming more stable at the moment but is still too young and ill to eat food on his own. It typically takes 2-4 months for harbor seals to be healthy enough for release given their extremely young age and fragile state.

Issy was also born prematurely (identified because he had large portions of his fur that are covered in a lanugo fur that should be gone by the time the pup is born), hence our limitations with getting pictures for you.

At the moment, Issy is one of over 30 harbor seal pups in our care, and we have over 190 animals at the hospital today. For the past 3 weeks, we have been rescuing between 5-15 sick or hurt seals or sea lions animals each day.

I would encourage everyone to look to our website where we have stories of our current patients, upcoming events, ways to visit the hospital, and an up-to-date patient count for what is at the hospital. We are open to the public from 10AM-5PM every day! 

 To visit the hospital or join a tour: CLICK HERE.

The Marine Mammal Center – in the GGNRA at Fort Cronkhite – Marin Headlands, Sausalito

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