Board Meeting Notes – Apr 2021

Davey Jones and the Hot Clams will be one of the bands playing on Kappas Green on May 1 | photo by Lyon Omohundro | post by Larry Clinton


  • FHA President Michael Labate reported that Lew Cook, CEO of Waldo Point Harbor, passed away. The Board approved sending flowers to his memorial service.
  • Larry Clinton announced that tickets for the June 9 Virtual Gala and Tour will go on sale by the end of the month. Videotaping of the participating homes is scheduled over the next two weeks. Bands will be videotaped during the day on May 1, on Kappas Green. The community will be invited to bring lawn chairs and socially distance during the performances. State Senator Mike McGuire will serve as a celebrity auctioneer, and co-chair Julie Durbin is forming a team to solicit high-ticket auction items. Here is a link to a volunteer questionnaire asking for your interest in volunteering your expertise in various areas for the gala. We have a timetable and working budget. All the basics are in place.
  • Larry Clinton apologized for the second email notice about Morley Singer’s obituary. It was an alert from our new website which wasn’t expected.
  • Membership chairs Lisa McNelley and Jill Sherman are planning a quarterly speaker series on topics of interest to the entire community. The first one will be about homeowner’s and renter’s insurance. A panel will discuss the options.
  • A community-wide competition for new FHA logos will be announced next month. We are looking for several versions of the logo to go on FHA-branded merchandise.
  • Emergency Services chair Flo Hoylman announced a hybrid Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training on May 15. Classes will be held online with one in-person skill practice day. CERT graduates can help with the training. To volunteer, contact Flo.
  • Jim Rettew of Liberty Dock reported that the new FHA website is ready to accept payments for memberships, merchandise and events. We can also put memberships on an automatic annual renewal.
  • We are switching to MailChimp for more reliable weekly email alerts to new Floating Times articles.
  • Public Relations chairs Arleen Ma and Scott Collins received an inquiry from a children’s book author who wanted to connect with a child on a floating home. Another inquiry was from a real estate editor for the Guide to Floating Homes and Houseboats. Scott and Arleen set up an Interview with Guy and Phyllis Biederman. The article was published on March 25 in US News and World Report.
  • Environmental chair Doug Young initiated a discussion regarding vehicle charging stations. Several options are being explored. The stations near Main Dock charge much more slowly than those at the Gateway Center. At Yellow Ferry anyone who buys an electric vehicle gets their own parking spot with a charging station. Carole Angermeir offered to arrange a meeting between Doug and Ken Watsey of Kappas Marina.
  • Carole Angermeir committed to co-chairing Private Tours with Mari Steeno. They will begin by connecting with destination management companies, which have been the primary source of past private tours. If you are interested in assisting with private tours, please contact Carole.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 11, 2021 7:00 p.m. via Zoom.