Check Out the New FHA Website

The new FHA website is now live! | photo from the FHA website | post by Larry Clinton

If you’ve logged onto the Floating Homes Association (FHA) website lately, you’ve probably noticed that it has a whole new look. In fact, it’s a whole new site with lots of new functions and features.

The FHA’s goal is for the site to become your informational hub for all things floating homes. You’ll see an updated events list, easier FHA membership renewals, and a greater sense of community. Most of the website is open for everyone, but there are a few benefits for paid members. You’ll be able to create a website profile, join an online directory, and access critical houseboat maintenance resources. For paid members, just scroll to the bottom of the home page and click Member Log-In then Sign-Up (or Log-In). If you’re not a paid member, its only $35 and you can do it easily online.

Your Floating Times emails may look slightly different from now on, but they’ll still contain all the news you need using a more reliable source of delivery. As with any change, there will be some speed bumps. If you notice something odd or not working correctly, just contact Jim Rettew (and if you like what you see, you can contact him too!). We hope you enjoy this update and that it captures what’s so special about this community.