Art Festival Postponed to 2023

The Art Festival was once one of the largest in the country  |  photo from Art Festival Foundation  |  post by Larry Clinton

On April 6 we ran an announcement that the Sausalito Art Festival would resume in late summer, scaled down to accommodate 4,500 visitors over three days. But, stuff happens, and last week the Art Festival Foundation stated: “unfortunately, Marinship Park, the traditional home of the Festival, is still not available and therefore there will not be a Sausalito Art Festival this year.” Extensive cleanup is needed after the closing of the homeless encampment in the park.

The Foundation remains committed to working with the city to host the Festival in 2023. In the meantime, the Foundation will hold smaller events to fulfill its mission to encourage and support the arts for the community. The first of these will be Art Weekend Sausalito, a judged, benefit art sale with proceeds donated to the Sausalito Center for the Arts (SCA) on October 14 through 16.

Art Weekend Sausalito will be a free event, and the inaugural exhibition at the newly remodeled SCA (former Bank of America building) will feature 100 artists each exhibiting 2 to 3 pieces of original art.