January High Tide WARNING

    High Tides are here again. Avoid parking along the water’s edge for at least an hour before and an hour after these high tides. Parking lots that haven’t been recently raised may flood if, or in event of a low pressure front or unfavorable wind conditions. Warn your Guests! A few 2016... Read more

Preparing for Thunderstorms and Lightning Strikes

Are you prepared for the winter season and the lightning and thunder that occurs during a storm? All thunderstorms are dangerous because every thunderstorm produces lightning which can seriously hurt or kill people. Lightning can strike as far as ten miles away from any rainfall. Thunderstorms are also dangerous because they... Read more

New, Smaller Tour in 2016

  The Tour Committee has scheduled next year’s Open Homes Tour for Saturday, September 24. As noted elsewhere, the tour will be smaller, to lessen the impact on the community and volunteers. In addition to providing the major source of funding for the Floating Homes Association, the annual tour benefits... Read more

Shoreline Flooding

  Marin County’s Flood Zone 3 Advisory Board held a public meeting on November 18 in Marin City to hear presentations on a number of matters of concern to the Floating Home community. After brief presentations on the Coyote Creek Levee evaluation upstream in Tam Valley, and Marin City drainage... Read more

Gate 6 Rd and Bridgeway Water Main Disruption

I. Post by Teddie Hathaway The construction has encountered a variety of unanticipated objects while digging in the intersection, including boulders, tree trunks and a section of old railroad. The estimated project completion date is now Friday, December 11. The water main that is being replaced serves the residents and... Read more

The Early Days of Kappas and WPH

Long-time waterfront resident T.J. Nelsen has written a very personal memoir of Sausalito’s Gate 6 community: Houseboats, Drugs, Government and the 4th Estate. Nelsen discovered the Sausalito waterfront in the early ’60s, and soon moved to Don Arques’ property at Waldo Point, where he worked at various odd jobs. In 1969... Read more

RBRA Stakeholder Committee Outreach

On Thursday, November 12, the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency held a community meeting at the Spinnaker Restaurant. The RBRA is tasked with managing the navigational waterways, open water, and shoreline of Richardson’s Bay. The purpose of the public meeting was twofold. Firstly, inform the citizens and stakeholders of the Sausalito area about the status... Read more