Those Darn (Federally Protected) Geese

It’s nearly spring: the daffodils are in bloom and the wildfowl have returned to the docks to feather their nests for new clutches of goslings and ducklings. Avoid engaging in a stare-down with the geese, give them a wide berth and don’t blame them for taking such a liking to... Read more

Golden Gate Urgent Care – A Handy Resource

Coming into the holiday season, here’s a great resource located just 2 miles away. Cut yourself badly enough to need stitches, or have a child spiking a fever on the weekend when the doctor’s office is closed? Suspect you have a UTI or other infection? Golden Gate Urgent Care (GGUC), in... Read more

New Insurer for Floating Homes

What do Betty Grable’s legs, Jimmy Durante’s nose, Dolly Parton’s breasts and Tom Jones’s chest hair have in common with floating homes?  They all have been or are insured by Lloyd’s of London. Recently Lloyd’s began writing home owner’s policies for floating homes. Their traditional type of policy includes personal... Read more

Foil Porch Piracy | Get Deliveries to Your Door

Getting packages delivered to the door has always required a little extra effort from our delivery drivers. Lately, some drivers have taken the shortcut of leaving parcels at the head of the docks, where they make for easy pickings. Hardest hit are the docks with gates at the entryway—A Dock’s... Read more

HOW TO: Avoid Internet Scams

   A recent global cyberattack—malicious ransomware, appropriately named WannaCry—was aimed initially and primarily at the big players: universities, hospitals and multi-national companies. Rather than wait for the other shoe to drop—in the form of second-wave copycats wanting to get in on the action—the more responsible citizens among us are treating these global cyberattacks as a... Read more

30-Year Fixed Rate Loans Available on Floating Homes

Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union has resumed lending in our community with unique 30-year fixed rate loans for both purchases and refinances (including cash-out refis).  This is a chance to lock in a long-term fixed rate when interest rates are expected to rise. The minimum loan amount is $100,000, and... Read more

Keeping High and Dry

Winter storms are on their way. Are you ready? First and foremost, check the lines that secure your home in your berth. Most floating home lines are made of polypropylene. It’s a good material because it is rather inexpensive. It also has a natural tendency to be a bit stretchy,... Read more