Need a Plumber, Carpenter, or Handyperson? Check Our Website

Mynor Monterroso (M&M Construction) is one of the contractors on the FHA service providers list  |  photo and post by Larry Clinton

On the FHA website, you can find a list of service providers with experience working on floating homes. Services range from licensed contractors to handypersons.

Thanks to East Pier dock rep Carole Angermeir for compiling this list and keeping it updated. Please be aware that the service providers listed on the website have not been vetted in any way except their names were put forth by someone living on the docks. Before engaging any of these tradespeople, it’s advisable to check references, professional accreditations, and insurance coverage. If you would like to make an addition or corrections to the providers list, please contact Carole.

This is one of several website resources that are available to members of the Floating Homes Association. FHA members can set up a personal website account by scrolling down to the bottom of the home page to click on Member Sign-Up (or Log-In). After logging in, you’ll find the service providers list under Resources. Once you’ve established your personal website account, you’ll be able to create a personal profile, join an online directory, and access other members–only information.

FHA membership is only $35 a year (or $100 for three years), and you can join online, paying by Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal. If you join via the website, you’ll get a renewal email before your membership expires; you can opt out if you choose, or let your membership renew automatically.