Mrs. T. Carves a Path

Elizabeth Terwilliger, who passed away in 2006 at the age of 97, was a remarkable woman in many ways. A recent Marinscope profile noted that Mrs. T., as she was lovingly known, was a descendant of Kit Carson, Daniel Boone and James Fenimore Cooper, and “a modern-day trailblazer in the... Read more

Reflections by Jarl Forsman

Issaquah Dock resident Jarl Forsman is a writer, painter and long-time practitioner and teacher of the art of Tai Chi/Qigong. She’s recently discovered a new artistic direction. Exploring the nooks and crannies of Richardson bay at various times of day from her small motor boat, she began to notice the... Read more

RBRA, BCDC to Discuss Anchor-Out Timeline

Back in April, the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) directed the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency (RBRA) to “provide a concise policy proposal that will result in removing all illegal anchor-outs from the Bay within five years.” The RBRA has called that five-year timeline infeasible—even under the best of circumstances,... Read more

Thieves Target Catalytic Converters

As FHA President Michael Labate informed the community by email last week, there has been a rash of thefts of catalytic converters from the floating home parking lots in recent weeks. One neighbor on Gate 6 ½ had two thefts in one week from the same Toyota Prius. On certain... Read more

Historic Algae Bloom Blankets Richardson Bay

Last week the floating homes community experienced a massive algae bloom—the largest in my 40-year residency here. The surface of the Bay off many homes began looking like a lawn, and low tide left pilings, lines and other fixtures draped in eerie green cloaks. Oddly, the local media has ignored... Read more

South 40 Knighthood

South 40 resident Michael van Walt has been knighted by the Dutch government for exceptional service to society with a global impact. On the occasion of the birthday of His Majesty the King of the Netherlands, a national holiday, Michael was awarded the rarely bestowed royal distinction of Commander in... Read more

Yellow Ferry Resident Takes on Covid-19

Dr. Jay Lalezari lives at Yellow Ferry Harbor. You might see him walking his dog Kaya on the nearby spit, dancing at Silent Disco, or unloading his dusty van post Burning Man. He’s not your typical doctor and you won’t find him with a stethoscope. Rather, he’s been on the... Read more

CARSS Needs Our Help  

Established in 2015, CARSS (Call A Ride for Sausalito Seniors) has provided over 9,000 local rides and more than 5400 hours have been logged by their vetted volunteer drivers. About 20 floating homes residents have benefitted from this service, and six have volunteered as drivers. When the shelter in place... Read more

Janet Thuesen Moves North

Sixteen-year Main Dock resident Janet Thuesen has moved to Washington State to reside near one of her daughters. Janet, who describes herself as a flag-waving Dane, filled her bright and airy floating home with Danish heirlooms, figurines and furnishings, including the sign from her parents’ Danish bakery in the Midwest.... Read more

New Virtual Art Gallery

The Sausalito Library is hosting a new Virtual Art Gallery. While the library may be temporarily closed to the public, it continues to provide an ongoing online exhibit showcasing works by local artists. If you live or work in Sausalito or the Floating Homes community, you are invited to submit up... Read more